Studio Monitors

Producing great quality music often means producing music full of dynamics. So in order to get the dynamics of each song just right, having high quality playback devices is a must. That’s where studio monitors come in.

A good studio monitor needs to be sensitive enough to express all frequency ranges from highs, mids, to lows but be rugged enough to let you feel every ounce of that bass.

So in order to ensure that your home studio has what it takes to help you produce those hits, I have selected three studio monitors that are sure to give you a run for your money.


 Mackie Studio CR3 $99

These guys are studio quality sound made affordable. The Mackie Studio CR3s pump out 50W of pure undistorted stereo sound from two 3" woofers and two ferrofluid-cooled 0.75" silk tweeters, and they have a wide frequency response range of 80Hz–20KHz.


·       Comes with 2 studio monitors

·       Delivers studio quality sound performance with a wide frequency range between 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

·       Great for vocal and instrumental performances with clear stereo separation and crystal clear details.

·       Front panel aux input for your smartphone or tablet

·       Headphone out and volume knob that doubles as an on/off switch


·       While the Mackie CR3s provides clear and clean studio sound performance, the bass is slightly weaker compared to some of the higher priced monitors.

PreSonus Eris E3.5… $100

When it comes to performance the PreSonus Eris E3.5s are definitely a viable contender. These bad boys come with 50W class AB amplification and a 3.5 Kevlar woofer to generating a quality low-end with minimal bass distortion.


·       Comes with two studio monitors for the price

·       3.5" Kevlar woofers deliver solid low-end sound with minimal bass distortion

·       Solid construction and quality components for superior sound

·       Controls for accurate playback in any studio environment

·       Powerful enough for any studio, yet affordable enough for any budget


·       The cables it comes with are not the best quality

Tascam VL-S3… $99

Now when it comes to studio monitors that pack punch the Tascam VL-S3 studio monitors are definitely where it’s at. With its 3” woofer, rear ported design and a 1/8” stereo mini jack that allows playback from your smartphones or MP3 player, $99 seems unreal.


·       Great sound quality

·       Has a 3″ Woofer

·       Has a 0.5″ Tweeter

·       Also a 1/8” stereo mini jack for playing from smartphones or MP3 players


·       None that I could find, quality monitors.